“Island Beach Stones” Original Painting

I wanted to thank all of those people who dropped by my booth at The Moss Street Paint-In last weekend. It was a very well attended and successful event! Also, a special thank you to all of those wonderful people who continue to support my artistic painting journey, which is now in it’s third decade. It is great to see and speak to people who were there when it all started out, when I was an art loving teenager. Here’s hoping that I have a few more healthy decades to continue with this journey.
I did manage to complete my latest painting at the Paint-In. It was inspired by the beautiful beach stones, on an incredible Vancouver Island Beach. It had been quite a few years since I had completed one of my rock paintings. After about 80 hours of working on this painting, I’m very happy with the final result. It is now available “for sale”, and would make a great gift, or addition to one’s art collection. Please contact me with questions, or if you are interested in purchasing the original painting.

Title: “Island Beach Stones”
Medium: Acrylic Paint on Birch Panel
Dimensions: 16″ X 16″ (3/4 inch depth)
Year Completed: 2013
Price: $1200 tax included
Contact Cameron at cthurbide@gmail.com with queries
*Beautiful giclee prints on canvas are also available upon request

West Coast IV

West Coast IV is the latest painting in a series that I have been revisiting on and off, over the past decade. The paintings in this series typically show off the islands and distant mountains of our spectacular West Coast.

Title: West Coast IV
Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas board
Dimensions: 5″ X 7″
Price: $250 framed (tax included). Inquire at cthurbide@gmail.com to purchase.
Year Completed: 2013

“On the Coast”

I recently spent some time with my family exploring Pacific Rim National Park, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It is one of our favourite places to visit. The beaches are incredible! One of the beaches that we always make a point of visiting is Florencia Bay Beach. It is a wild and desolate beach that almost has a spiritual feel to it. The surf always seems to be roaring wildly. There is a good size fresh water stream that feeds into the ocean on this beach. I really love the great variety of beach stones that can be found here. The stones come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and I could happily spend many hours just wandering along this beach.

I just completed a small painting titled “On the Coast” that was inspired by our visit to Florencia Bay Beach. The painting has a great feel to it. I feel that with this painting, I have captured the feel of the churning surf, which is so typical of the wild west coast of Vancouver Island. This painting was painted on “gesso treated birch panel”, which was a first for me. I really liked the feel and look of working with acrylic paints on the smooth birch wood, and I plan to work with it in the future.

Title: “On the Coast”
Medium: Acrylic Paint on Birch Panel
Dimensions: 6″ X 12″ X 3/4″ deep
Price: SOLD. Inquire at cthurbide@gmail.com to purchase a giclee print
Year completed: 2013

Fields of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is one of my favourite places. I have been very lucky to be able to spend a few summer vacations on the Island with my family. I love the friendly people, the amazing beaches, the food, the quaint architecture, and the rolling green hills with it’s rich red soil. “The Fields of Prince Edward Island” is a triptych acrylic painting that I completed a few years back. The green and iron red colours of the landscape were begging to be painted, and I was happy to oblige. The three original paintings which form the triptych, are triple matted and framed behind glass.

Title: “Fields of Prince Edward Island”
Medium: Acrylic paint on masonite
Framed Dimensions: 22″ x 43″
Price: Inquire at cthurbide@gmail.com

Bernadette and Wally – The first painting in the “Red Signature Series” of Paintings

I have started a new “Red Signature Series” of paintings which are a collection of bright, colourful, funky, whimsical and stylized contemporary paintings. These paintings will typically include people interacting with their coastal environment. I was inspired to paint this series of paintings after realizing that most of my own personal favourite artists and pieces of art actually fit into this description of art. The great Canadian artists who have helped to inspire this series of paintings include E J Hughes, Alex Colville, Jean Paul Lemieux, Claude A Simard and Ted Harrison. I really enjoyed painting the first painting of this series which is titled “Bernadette and Wally”. This painting brightens and cheers up any room that it hangs in. The original painting SOLD very quickly, but is now available as a beautiful giclee print, available at http://www.cameronthurbide.com. I have included a few pictures below to show how “Bernadette and Wally” was created, starting as a rough drawing and ending as a contemporary stylized painting.








Summer at the Sea

This is a recent acrylic painting that was inspired by the beautiful beach along Ross Bay in Victoria, on Vancouver Island. This is one of my favourite places to go for a walk, or to simply sit, relax, and enjoy the view of the Olympic Mountains of Washington State.

Title: Summer at the Sea
Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas
Dimensions: 12″ X 12″
Price: $800 framed (tax included). Inquire at cthurbide@gmail.com to purchase.
Year completed: 2012