Helliwell Provincial Park on Hornby Island has long been one of my family’s favourite places to hike. The park is located on Hornby Island, which itself  is one of the quaint treasures of British Columbia’s famous Gulf Islands. This painting captures the cliffs of Helliwell Park, while Denman Island and Vancouver Island can be seen in the distance. img_4690

Title: “Helliwell”

Medium: Acrylic painting on Board

Dimensions: 8″ x 10″ unframed

Date of painting completion: January, 2017

Price: Please contact Cameron at cthurbide@gmail.com for further information.

“Home by the Sea”

“Home by the Sea” is a brand new painting in my ongoing Red Signature Series of paintings. This series has been portraying glimpses of life in an idealized, colourful, seaside town. The paintings are bright, a bit funky, contemporary and cheerful. This is the fifth painting of this sold out series.

Title: “Home by the Sea”
Medium: Acrylic Paint on 1.5″ thick birch panel (ready to hang on the wall)
Dimensions: 8″ X 24″
Price: SOLD
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“Rathtrevor Beach”

The idyllic Rathtrevor Park is located on the oceanfront in Parksville on Vancouver Island. It is a favourite campsite for many families. As I was painting the churning waves of the incoming high tide, I could not help but repeatedly think of, and be inspired by the beautiful woodblock print by Japanese artist Hokusai, which is titled “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”. His masterpiece was completed in the 1830’s and featured crashing waves with Mount Fuji in the background.
My acrylic painting “Rathtrevor Beach” is completely different in style, with incoming waves and the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia in the distance . The following photos show the progress as the painting comes to life.






Title: “Rathtrevor”
Medium: Acrylic Paint on 1.5″ thick birch panel (ready to hang on the wall)
Dimensions: 24″ X 24″
Price: $1200 tax included
Contact Cameron at cthurbide@gmail.com for purchase information
*Beautiful giclee prints on canvas are also available upon request

Art Gallery of Great Victoria’s Moss Street Paint-In

I will be taking part in this year’s AGGV Moss Street Paint-In on July 19th in Victoria. The show takes place from 11:00am – 4:30pm. My booth will be located at 250 Moss Street. I hope to be finishing off a new original painting of Rathtrevor Beach at high tide, as the waves lap onto the shore. The picture below is the “starting point rough drawing” for the painting. The actual painting of the picture starts today. It is 24″ x 24″. I hope that you get a chance to drop by and see the show. Attendance for the event is expected to be around 35,000 people!


“Summer Breeze” (The fourth painting of the Red Signature Series)

Title: “Summer Breeze”
Medium: Acrylic Paint on 1.5″ thick birch panel (ready to hang on the wall)
Dimensions: 24″ x 36″ (largest Red Signature Series painting so far)
Year completed: 2014
Price: SOLD
Contact Cameron at cthurbide@gmail.com for more information
*Beautiful giclee prints on canvas are also available upon request

“Island Beach Stones” Original Painting

I wanted to thank all of those people who dropped by my booth at The Moss Street Paint-In last weekend. It was a very well attended and successful event! Also, a special thank you to all of those wonderful people who continue to support my artistic painting journey, which is now in it’s third decade. It is great to see and speak to people who were there when it all started out, when I was an art loving teenager. Here’s hoping that I have a few more healthy decades to continue with this journey.
I did manage to complete my latest painting at the Paint-In. It was inspired by the beautiful beach stones, on an incredible Vancouver Island Beach. It had been quite a few years since I had completed one of my rock paintings. After about 80 hours of working on this painting, I’m very happy with the final result. It is now available “for sale”, and would make a great gift, or addition to one’s art collection. Please contact me with questions, or if you are interested in purchasing the original painting.

Title: “Island Beach Stones”
Medium: Acrylic Paint on Birch Panel
Dimensions: 16″ X 16″ (3/4 inch depth)
Year Completed: 2013
Price: $1200 tax included
Contact Cameron at cthurbide@gmail.com with queries
*Beautiful giclee prints on canvas are also available upon request